Así lucen estos 15 animales días antes de dar a luz


Photo by @amivitale for @natgeo. The herd of rescued elephants plays near Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e) in Northern Kenya. Elephants are highly social and sensitive animals who greet and offer comfort to each other. These elephants were orphaned by various circumstances, including environmental changes and habitat loss, but are being rehabilitated at Reteti, where they have a good chance of being reunited with their family herds. My story on the incredible work happening at Reteti will be in print in the August issue of National Geographic. Follow @r.e.s.c.u.e, nearby @sararacamp and @amivitale to learn more about these initiatives and help support their work! @lewa_wildlife @nrt_kenya @nature_africa @conservationorg @tusk_org @kenyawildlifeservice @sandiegozoo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #retetielephants #amivitale

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14.- Jirafas.

Como ya te habrás dado cuenta, las jirafas son los animales más altos del mundo. Llegan a medir hasta seis metros, así que no es de sorprenderse que su embarazo dure aproximadamente 15 meses. Durante el parto la madre permanece de pie, y la cría cae al piso desde cerca de dos metros.


13.- Gorilas.

The great apes are fascinating and intelligent animals that share many qualities with humans, and now with the astounding research provided by primatologist Jane Goodall, we explore deeper into the complex species to reveal their culture and personality. Kingdom of the Apes, features the life stories of some of the best known great apes that have ever lived. Goodall began her work with these kingdoms more than 50 years ago, revealing some of the most dramatic and revealing events within our natural history. In the disappearing jungles of Africa, our closest cousins are living out dramas that are totally epic and eerily familiar. Through these great ape life histories, we witness some of the most classic studies of an individuals’ struggle for power, great wars that wage within and among societies, and even complex social strategies at play, blurring the line between what is ape and what is human. • Join us for #KingdomoftheApes, Friday at 10/9c on Nat Geo WILD!

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Los gorilas son de los contados animales que practican diferentes posiciones sexuales, igual que los humanos. El período de gestación es de aproximadamente ocho meses y medio, y casi siempre nace una cría por parto, pero se tiene registro del algunos casos de gemelos.

12.- Tigres.


La gestación dura de 100 a 102 días; la madre da a luz a tres crías de aproximadamente cuatro kilogramos de peso cada una, las cuales son totalmente dependientes de ella, ya que nacen ciegas.


11.- Perros.


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Estos hermosos acompañantes del hombre tienen un período de gestación de poco más de dos meses, y la cantidad de crías depende de la raza; puede variar entre cuatro y diez cachorros.

10.- Gatos.


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